Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is conducted in accordance with the methodology involving the system of evaluating parameters taking into consideration corporate and normative standards. The evaluation of the work of points of sale, cafes, restaurants, branches can be conducted at all the levels of their communications with the clients: at the entrance, before communicating with the personnel, during the process of purchase and after the purchase for general evaluations of the level of services rendered.


  • Receiving an objective information thanks to the secret character of the research
  • Increasing the level of personnel’s motivation in terms of providing services of a high quality
  • Opportunity to use the methodology in many industries (retail, banks, telecommunications, HoReCa: restaurants and hotels, avia)


  • The quality of performing service standards by personnel
  • Personnel competence and its interest in sales
  • Sales techniques
  • Merchandising, POS materials
  • Competition environment (expert evaluation of the region and reach)

ARYS Research uses the multi-functional Checker platform


  • Automatic notifications;

  • Automated Custom Reports;

  • Task management;

  • Communication with customers.

Full cycle of project work:


  • TRAINING, TESTING, GRANTING CERTIFICATES – Ability to choose the best mystery shoppers thanks to the Checkcertificates module

  • DEVELOPMENT OF QUESTIONS – The ability to create branded questionnaires and program the customer rating system, as well as other necessary formulas


Additional platform features:

  • Individual user logins

  • Different Access Levels

  • View finished reports

  • Create your own reports online

  • Receive notifications of visits

  • The questionnaire also includes open-ended questions

  • 24/7 access

Advanced reporting:

  • Reporting depending on the questionnaire modules

  • All types of statistical analysis, including NPS, Top-Box and special formulas programmed by the Agency.

  • Creating Client templates for reports in Excel

  • The ability to attach photos, logos, graphics and audio materials in accordance with the requirements of the Client

  • The client has access to project data at any time.