Online platform


ARYSTOWN Research uses the Checker software which is the only cloud platform that can truly claim to integrate, in one user friendly interface, all requirements for market research and mystery shopping projects, starting from data collection to data analysis and reporting to our end Clients.


The Online Platform provides a complete solution for face-to-face interviews:

  • Replaces paper surveys (PAPI) with CAPI to collect data more accurately and more efficiently

  • Cuts data entry costs

  • Saves time during all stages of implementation

  • Saves the cost of printing

Easy survey setup and data collection:

  • Enables to build complex, branded questionnaires and route interviewers to the right questionnaire path by using advanced structure and logic.

  • Allows interviewers to choose the language they want to fill the questionnaire in.

  • Customizes the design of questionnaires according to your needs.

  • Defines simple or complex quotas and actions to perform when quota is reached.

  • Collects data using the offline application for android and iOS and enables interviewers to track quotas even in offline mode.

Mystery Shopping

Online platform advantages:

  • Automated notifications

  • Automated custom reports

  • Tasks management

  • Communications with Clients

The Platform offers a full cycle of project works:


  • There is an option of choosing the best mystery shoppers with the help of the module Checkcertificates.

  • QUESITONNAIRE DEVELOPMENT – an opportunity of creating branded questionnaires and programming the evaluation system of the Client and other formulas


An advanced level of reporting:

  • Creating reports depending on questionnaire modules

  • All types of statistical analysis, including NPS, Top-Box and special formulas programmed by the Agency

  • Creating templates for Clients in Excel reports

  • Possibility to attach pictures, logos, graphs and audio materials in accordance with Clients’ requirements

  • Clients have access to project data at any time.


  • Individual logins for users

  • Different levels of access

  • Ready-made online reports

  • Creating new reports online

  • Receiving notifications on completed visits

  • The questionnaire can also includ open-ended questions

  • Access 24/7

Online surveys

The platform allows to create user-friendly questionnaire both for computers, tablets and mobile phones. That is why data collection is possible from any gadgets on the basis of Android and iOS with the aim of reaching the target audience in the fastest time possible.
MOBILE PHONE – Using mobile phones for conducting surveys when the questions are received (during conferences, exhibitions, in stores, etc.).
CLIENT’S WEBSITE – Redirecting site visitors to the survey with the help of banners, pop-up windows and other visual materials.
DIRECT LINKS – Usage of social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and an e-mail for distributing the survey link.
QR CODES – Adding QR codes on receipts, packages, printed materials with the purpose of redirecting people to the survey.

Retail Audit

We offer various types of audit with the use of the online platform for gathering the following data:

  • Shelf space

  • Products map and monitoring of products presence on the shelf

  • Availability of Client’s products in comparison with the competitive products

  • Monitoring of availability, expiry dates, prices and appearance of products

  • Product faces calculation

  • Audits in accordance with planograms

Special platform characteristics for retail audit:

  • Special parameters: quantity, price, expiry date, comments and pictures

  • Scanner of bar codes for the quick search of products

  • Different variants of products calculation (inventory, product faces, product share, etc.)

  • Geolocation tracking

E-mail surveys

The program offers various options that allow to obtain the feedback from consumers, the public, panelists, workers, etc.
The programmed characteristics of the application:

  • Setting the timeframe for the “Don’t disturb” command not to disturb the respondent during the time not convenient for them.

  • An automated mechanism of sending survey invitations with certain intervals in accordance with the established quotas and percentage of replies.

  • Provides a percentage report on replies, returned messages, notifications, etc.

SMS surveys

We can survey respondents with the help of mobile phones:

  • Our Clients can choose the following types of SMS surveys: in the form of the link sent to the smartphone or in the form of a traditional SMS-chat (receiving questions and replies one by one).

  • The system allows to adjust the time of sending messages and also to automatically attach data about respondents from the database of data attached to his/her profile questionnaire.

  • It is also possible to manage quotas.